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Instant Video Calls From Your Front Door or Office Visitors

DoorVi™ is a smart video doorbell / intercom that allows you to talk to anyone who comes to your front door remotely using your smart phone. DoorVi pairs a QR code to your phone, Visitors can scan that QR Code to securely get in touch with you. Your visitors do not need an app to connect with you.This allows you to manage visitors remotely from wherever you are, talk to couriers, and divert your video calls to friends or family if you are busy. 

DoorVi uses proprietary technology to establish an anonymous, real-time connection between you and your visitors in which no personal or private information is exchanged. DoorVi is a smarter, safer, and easier way to answer the door, from wherever you are!

How it Works

Activate the QR Code through the DoorVi App, and you're all set!

  • Peel off the QR code sticker and place it on your front door or any location visible to your guests. 
  • When someone stands outside your door, they can simply scan the QR code, instantly connecting with you via a FREE video call.
  • You can answer the call using your mobile phone from wherever you are. If you're busy, you have the option to redirect the call to a family member, colleague at the office, or a housemate.

Your identity & phone number remain concealed, and your caller cannot see you.

DoorVi - More than a video intercom

DoorVi has many benefits over tradional doorbell, or video intercom systems. 

Answer from anywhere

You can remotely manage visitors at your front door using your smartphone, even if you're not at home!

Visitor Friendly

Visitors don't need an app or extra software. They can easily connect by scanning the QR code.

Add Housemates or Colleagues

Add friends, family, or other trusted people to your DoorVi so they can answer the door too

100% Maintenance Free & Vandal proff

DoorVi works with a personalised QR code. Your code will never expire, and if your QR codesticker is damaged you can easily replace it.

Extra Security for Vunerable People

See who is calling before you answer the door. Block any unwanted callers from ringing your DoorVi.

No power supply / no wires / No WIFI

Simply place your QR code wherever you want. No installation needed, no wires, no WIFI, no power supply, no mess. 


Blue, Red, Black, White

9 reviews for DoorVi Smart Video Doorbell – Acrylic 7×11

  1. KajaLL

    It actually works!
    I am a deaf female who lives alone without any assistance for knowing if anyone is at the door.

    My first testimony, my medicine was being delivered and the person scanned the code and it showed up to my phone so I was able to receive my medicine.

    My second testimony? I had to go downstairs to receive my order from Walmart and saw a man with medicine but didn’t think it was mine. He went up to my apartment while I went outside. He scanned the code and video called me. I was able to video call him back to let him know I was downstairs.

    This doorbell was worth every penny, in my opinion. If something happens to it, I will be placing another order. Kudos to the people who invented this. A big thank you!

  2. John KK

    Excellent replacement for expensive video door bells
    Initially it took time for people to understand that this QR is not for payments.
    But now most of the visitors at my home use it.
    Even the delivery and mail guys use it a lot.
    The picture and sound quality is amazing.
    I had already purchased 2 and have now placed order for the 3rd one.
    Excellent product.
    Highly recommended for everyone.

  3. SunshineGirl

    Easy to install, prompt and helpful after sales and services
    This is a very new and revolutionary concept of Door video calling. Easy to install. Multiple membes can get notifications of caller. May be also used in hospital bed to call nursing station.

  4. Bobbin

    Smartest video Doorbell. Futuristic
    This one is a winner all the way. I photocopied the QR Code and laminated them. One outside my flat, one in my car (when I park it a colony, so that an angry neighbour can video call me rather than damaging my car) and one on my Farmhouse. Works like a charm. Loving it

  5. Rob Jones

    Excellent DoorVi Doorbell – A Game Changer!!
    I bought this product sometime back. My main purpose was to check the visitor and communicate with him/her, before opening the door. This is product serves my purpose just right. Not only can see and communicate with the visitor, from sitting in my house, I can also check and communicate even when I am out. Working absolutely fine and I am extremely happy to buy this product as it makes me feel safe.

  6. George

    I purchased this Door Bell for my mother, and then for myself. I share the QR code to whom I don’t want to share my personal details and it is pretty usefull as I can use the optional app to manage contacts (can block callers etc if need be)

  7. SuperShell

    The product is excellent; it functions seamlessly as a video doorbell. Visitors at the door can connect with us no matter where we are, allowing us to see and speak to them. The audio quality is clear on both ends. There’s no need to invest in expensive video doorbells. I highly recommend it to everyone.

  8. SteveJ

    A very good product – it operates on electricity and provides the convenience of a video doorbell. There’s no need for an additional camera; you can directly receive video calls on your mobile.


    As a working parent, I often worry about my kids staying home alone. During my research, I discovered DoorVi. Now, any visitor outside the door can scan the code, allowing my children to see who is at the door. Additionally, I can view the visitor while sitting in the office. This solution has been incredibly helpful for me.

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DoorVi Smart Video Doorbell – Acrylic 7×11
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