Smart Video Doorbell Technology

Instant Video Calls From Your Front Door or Office Visitors

DoorVi™ is a smart video doorbell / intercom that allows you to talk to anyone who comes to your front door remotely using your smart phone. DoorVi pairs a QR code to your phone, Visitors can scan that QR Code to securely get in touch with you. Your visitors do not need an app to connect with you.This allows you to manage visitors remotely from wherever you are, talk to couriers, and divert your video calls to friends or family if you are busy. 

DoorVi uses proprietary technology to establish an anonymous, real-time connection between you and your visitors in which no personal or private information is exchanged. DoorVi is a smarter, safer, and easier way to answer the door, from wherever you are!

How it Works

Activate the QR Code through the DoorVi App, and you're all set!

  • Peel off the QR code sticker and place it on your front door or any location visible to your guests. 
  • When someone stands outside your door, they can simply scan the QR code, instantly connecting with you via a FREE video call.
  • You can answer the call using your mobile phone from wherever you are. If you're busy, you have the option to redirect the call to a family member, colleague at the office, or a housemate.

Your identity & phone number remain concealed, and your caller cannot see you.

DoorVi - More than a video intercom

DoorVi has many benefits over tradional doorbell, or video intercom systems. 

Answer from anywhere

You can remotely manage visitors at your front door using your smartphone, even if you're not at home!

Visitor Friendly

Visitors don't need an app or extra software. They can easily connect by scanning the QR code.

Add Housemates or Colleagues

Add friends, family, or other trusted people to your DoorVi so they can answer the door too

100% Maintenance Free & Vandal proff

DoorVi works with a personalised QR code. Your code will never expire, and if your QR codesticker is damaged you can easily replace it.

Extra Security for Vunerable People

See who is calling before you answer the door. Block any unwanted callers from ringing your DoorVi.

No power supply / no wires / No WIFI

Simply place your QR code wherever you want. No installation needed, no wires, no WIFI, no power supply, no mess. 

LOST PET? No PROBLEM! PetsVi™ replaces standard Pet Tags with a secure QR code that ensures your phone number, and other personal details are protected. When your pet is found, scanning the QR code enables a FREE video call to you, the owner, so you can see that your pet is safe and well! No subscription fees, all calls are free, no app is needed to make calls so whoever finds your pet can contact you with ease.

We have 2x colours available (Blue & Black). Please select your desired colour below:


Blue, Black


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PetsVi – Smart Dog Tag / Pet Tag (35mm metal)
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