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Convenience and Security for Your Vehicle

With CarVi Video Calls, your vehicle's well-being is at your fingertips. By displaying a DoorVi QR Code on your vehicle, you empower others to easily reach out in various scenarios, be it for issues like an accident. incorrect parking, or the need for roadside assistance.

Imagine this scenario: Your vehicle is parked in a way that could potentially inconvenience others. Thanks to the DoorVi QR Code, anyone can quickly get in touch with you to address the situation. This streamlined communication process allows you to make informed decisions, and ensure your vehicle remains safe from being towing or damaged. Ultimately, this saves you both money and time.

As a vehicle owner, you have the flexibility to see and communicate with people around your car who can swiftly contact you to take necessary action without disclosing your personal information.

How it Works

Activate the QR Code through the CarVi App, and you're all set!

  • Peel off the QR code sticker and place it in on the inside of your car windscreen or window.
  • When someone stands outside your, they can scan the QR code thogh the glass instantly connecting with you via a FREE video call.
  • You can answer the call using your mobile phone from wherever you are. If you're busy, you have the option to redirect the call to a family member of another trusted person.

Your identity & phone number remain concealed, and your caller cannot see you.

CarVi - Protect Your Car Remotely

CarVi allows people to contact you about your vehicle by video call, whilst protecting your personal information

Remotely Protect Your Vehicle

Receive immediate alerts about problems with your parked car, enabling you to address issues promptly before they escalate.

Reduce Fines / Prevent Towing

Be informed about parking violations in real-time, helping you to avoid unnecessary fines.

Minimize Accident Impact

Get notifications if your parked car is involved in an accident, allowing you to take appropriate action.

100% Maintenance Free & Vandal proof

CarVi works with a personalised QR code. Your code will never expire, and if your QR codesticker is damaged you can easily replace it.

Privacy-Preserving Communication

CarVi ensures privacy by not revealing your personal information to those who notify you of car-related issues.

Prevent Unauthorized Towing

Avoid the inconvenience and cost of having your car towed by resolving parking or blocking issues swiftly.

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 30 cm

Blue, Red, Black, White

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  1. DoorVI

    Nice idea. Works well if people notice it.

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CarVi – Car Window Sticker
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